Recipe: Cottage cheese with sour cream and fruit. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.

Curd dessert with gelatin without baking

It is convenient to prepare it the evening before in portioned molds or small containers with a lid - it will take literally 15 minutes. As a filling, you can use not only chocolate chips, but also finely chopped dried fruits or ripe seasonal fruits. And feel free to adjust the sweetness to your taste - perhaps for a start you should put a third less sugar or honey than in the recipe.

For a mold with a diameter of 12 cm:

  • Cottage cheese 200 g
  • Curd cheese 100 g
  • Liquid yogurt 130 ml
  • Sweetener equal to 3 tbsp. l. sugar (we use 3 tbsp honey)
  • Gelatin 15 g
  • Water 50 ml
  • Chocolate 20 g

For chocolate glaze:

  • Milk 40 ml
  • Chocolate (containing 56–72% cocoa) 40 g


  1. Pour gelatin with water and leave for 15 minutes to swell. Next, heat the gelatin (you can use it in the microwave), but do not boil. Stir until smooth.
  2. Combine cottage cheese, curd cheese, liquid yogurt, honey in one bowl and beat with a blender until smooth. Add gelatin into the curd mixture in a thin stream and mix.
  3. Grate the chocolate on a fine grater. Next, put 2 tbsp in the mold. l. curd mass and sprinkle with chocolate shavings, then curd mass and chocolate again. And according to this principle, we spread the entire curd mass with chocolate.
  4. Place the pan in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, or overnight. When the dessert is ready, remove it from the mold and transfer it to a plate.
  5. Making the glaze. Pour warm milk into the melted chocolate and stir until smooth. Pour the glaze over the dessert and place it in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens.
  6. We decorate as desired, with us it is always sublimated cherries.

How to diversify a cookie recipe

The recipe for cookies with sour cream and cottage cheese can be varied by filling with nuts, chocolate, fresh berries, jam, apples or honey (you can combine the ingredients to taste). Here is the recipe for roll cookies:

  • Prepare the dough as described above.
  • Place the dough in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
  • Roll it out into an even circle, cutting off any uneven edges.
  • Cover the circle with a thin layer of filling, stepping back a couple of centimeters from the edge.
  • Cut into even pieces like pizza.
  • Roll the bagel and place it on a baking sheet in a preheated oven.

The filling of apples and cinnamon is perfect for this curd dessert.

Pizza with curd dough

An excellent alternative to store-bought baked goods - all sorts of puff pastries, mini-pizzas and other “buns”. It bakes very quickly, and the filling can be anything: add ham, mushrooms, sweet peppers, corn to the cheese and tomatoes - whatever your child likes.


  • Soft cottage cheese 100 g
  • Egg 1 pc.
  • Rice flour 120 g (can be replaced with wheat flour)
  • Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l.
  • Baking powder 1/2 tsp.
  • Mozzarella cheese 60–80 g
  • Cherry tomatoes 6 pcs.
  • Sour cream 1 tsp.
  • Tomato paste 1 tsp.
  • Flour comes in different gluten contents, so you may need a little more or less than what is indicated in the recipe.


  1. Mix the egg with cottage cheese. Add the sifted flour and baking powder and knead the dough. The dough should not stick to your hands, but it should not be too hard. Roll out the dough into a circle on a silicone/non-stick mat.
  2. Mix sour cream with tomato paste and grease the base. Cut the mozzarella cheese into small pieces, cherry tomatoes into halves and place on top of the sauce made from sour cream and tomato paste.
  3. Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.


  1. For the convenience of kneading ingredients when preparing dough with sour cream and cottage cheese for delicious cookies, choose a deep bowl.
  2. Melt the butter in a water bath until slightly soft.
  3. In a bowl, thoroughly mix cottage cheese, eggs, butter, sugar and sour cream.

  4. Add flour in small portions and stir continuously.

  5. Add soda, baking powder, salt and vanillin to the middle portion of flour.
  6. Knead the dough. It should not stick to your hands, but at the same time it should be soft and airy.

  7. The dough is wrapped in cling film and put in a cold place (for 30-40 minutes).

  8. Remove from the cold, roll out a layer of 5-7 mm, cut out the desired cookie shape.

  9. Place the blanks on a baking sheet covered with parchment.
  10. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and place a baking sheet in it for 12-15 minutes (it should brown slightly).
  11. Serve with tea, garnished with fresh berries or with berry sauce.

The dessert has a curd aroma and a delicate milky-creamy taste.

Quick cottage cheese dishes: recipes with photos

There are probably no people who don’t love donuts. Tasty, soft, rosy – they just beckon to you. Despite their high calorie content, they are prepared quite often. So we decided to present you the simplest recipe. For it we will need:

  • raw chicken egg - 2 pcs.;
  • medium-sized sugar - 1 faceted glass;
  • wet granular cottage cheese - 300 g;
  • white wheat flour - 2 cups;
  • table soda - a small pinch (preliminarily extinguish);
  • sunflower oil - used for deep frying.

What can you make from cottage cheese quickly and tasty - tips

  • All of the recipes listed are unique in that they do not require much time to prepare due to the fact that the cottage cheese is a ready-made product. This means that you can bake, fry, or boil something from cottage cheese quickly and easily.
  • Sugar is often used in recipes for sweet curd dishes, but it can be easily replaced with honey or fruit.
  • When preparing hearty main courses from cottage cheese, do not be afraid to add a little greens, spices and herbs to the mixture; they will add a piquant taste and aroma to the dish.
  • It is not necessary to heat-treat the cottage cheese; it makes excellent cold snacks.
  • Cottage cheese dishes are delicious both hot and cold.

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Shortbread juices with cottage cheese

In this baking, cottage cheese does not act as an ingredient for dough, but as a tasty and healthy filler - filling. Such juices for tea or coffee are simply a delicious, satisfying addition; even non-curd cheese lovers will enjoy eating them.

First, knead the tender shortbread dough; for it you will need: 200−250 g of softened margarine (it is advisable to take special margarine for home baking), 2 eggs, ¾ cup of sugar, 0.5 teaspoon of soda and about 4 cups of flour. I mean a glass - faceted, an indispensable measuring cup for our domestic housewives.

We prepare the filling from cottage cheese: 1 pack of cottage cheese and, to taste, sugar, raisins or chopped dried apricots, a little soft butter or sour cream. You can add vanilla or lemon zest - it all depends on personal preference, don't be afraid to improvise.

Roll out the dough on the table into a layer about 5-8 mm thick, use a glass or cup to cut out flat cakes, into which we place the filling with a teaspoon. It is most convenient to place it not in the center, but slightly to the side, then all that remains is to cover the filling with the second half of the cake and gently press the edges. It turns out something like large dumplings, the seam is on the side. During the baking process, this seam will not come apart - the shortbread dough holds together well. Place the juices on a greased baking sheet and bake until browned. They bake quickly, and you get quite a lot: the stated amount of ingredients is about a baking tray.

Recipes for cottage cheese and sour cream pies

(2491) The best selection of recipes for pies made from cottage cheese and sour cream is collected here. You will always find it in pie recipes. We also have eleven recipes for pies with apricots and cherry plums.

Pie with cottage cheese, apples and cinnamonIngredients: flour - 500 g, butter - 100 g, chicken eggs - 1 pc., sour cream - 200 g, water - 50 ml, dry yeast - 2 tsp, sugar - 2 tbsp. l., salt - 3 g, cottage cheese - 400 g, apples - 10 pcs., vanilla sugar TM Haas - 1 tsp., sugar - 5 tbsp. l., ground cinnamon - 1 tsp. Dilute yeast (2 tsp dry or 30 grams of fresh yeast) in 50 ml of warm water. Separate the yolk from the white. Refrigerate the whites. Add the yolk to 200 g of sour cream, mix. Grind 100 g of butter with flour, add sugar and salt. Add mixture to flour and butter...

Shortbread pie with cottage cheese and cherriesIngredients: Flour - 240 g, Butter - 150 g, Sugar - 100 g, Baking powder - 1 tsp, Egg - 1 pc., Cottage cheese 9% - 500 g, Sour cream - 100 g, Sugar - 100 g, Eggs - 2 pcs., Cherries - 300 g This pie can be served with any drinks - it’s delicious with compote, milk, tea, coffee is great too! To prepare the pie, prepare the necessary products from the list. Sift flour with baking powder into a dry bowl, add sugar and chopped pieces...

Apple pie with cottage cheese (without eggs)Ingredients: Wheat flour - 2 cups, Sugar - 1 tbsp, Fine salt - 0.25 tsp, Butter - 100 g, Cold water - 3 tbsp, Sour cream (cottage cheese) - optional, Cottage cheese - 350 g, Sugar - 75 g, Corn starch - 1 tsp, Apples - 3-5 pcs. If you have your own recipe for chopped dough, then use it. Determine the number of apples yourself, since it depends on the fineness of the apple slices, as well as on the volume and quality of the apples themselves. I recommend placing the apple slices tightly…

Blueberry pie with cottage cheeseIngredients: Flour 300 grams, Baking powder 2 teaspoons, Sugar 100 grams, Vanillin 1/4 teaspoons, Eggs 2 pieces, Butter 100 grams, Cottage cheese 4% fat 400 grams, Sugar 125 grams, Sour cream 150-200 Milliliters , Blueberries 500 grams Usually, many people associate making pies with a labor-intensive and rather long process - this is why pies and cakes from supermarkets are now so popular. Blueberry Cottage Pie is a pie that might convince you...

Yeast pie with cottage cheeseIngredients: Milk 0.5 cups, Dry yeast 7 grams, Sugar 1 cup, Salt to taste, Vanilla sugar to taste, Kefir 0.5 cups, Margarine 100 grams, Flour 3-4 cups, Vegetable oil 30 grams, Cottage cheese 500 grams, Egg 1 piece, Sour cream 2 tbsp. spoons, 2 yolks See how to make yeast pie with cottage cheese. A real cheesecake is made using this recipe. A delicious homemade pie with cottage cheese will pamper the taste buds of even the most picky sweet tooth. Fans of homemade baked goods with cottage cheese will also appreciate…

Pie with cottage cheese and apricotsIngredients: Sugar 230 grams (130g for dough, 100g for filling), Flour 200 grams, Starch 50 grams, Baking powder 15 grams, Sour cream 100 grams, Cottage cheese 400 grams, Salt 1/3 teaspoons, Semolina 2 tbsp . spoons, Apricots 5-6 Pieces Be sure to note that all ingredients must be at room temperature, then the dough and filling will be airy and homogeneous. If you don't have a blender, rub the cottage cheese through a sieve, it should turn out to be as tender as possible. If necessary, add to...

German poppy seed pie with cottage cheeseIngredients: Milk 750 Milliliters, Granulated sugar 150 Grams, Butter 100 Grams, Cottage cheese 250 Grams, Egg 1 Piece, Ground poppy seeds 150 Grams, Semolina 150 Grams, Wheat flour 300 Grams (Dough), Butter 130 Grams mm (Dough), Granulated sugar 100 grams (Dough) You will definitely like this pie, because its taste is tender and airy. Many housewives in Germany consider it their signature dish. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying. To learn how to make German poppy seed pie with cottage cheese, read...

Pie with cottage cheese and berriesIngredients: Flour 250 grams, Butter 150 grams, Sugar 100 grams (+ to taste for filling), Baking powder 1 teaspoon, Cottage cheese 500 grams, Egg 2 pieces (+ 1 for filling), Sour cream 100 grams, Berries 200 grams This is a very simple option for making a pie with cottage cheese and berries. In this case, blueberries are used, but they can be absolutely any berries that you have on hand. For softer berries (raspberries, for example), it is better to add a little starch...

Pie with cottage cheese and plumsIngredients: Flour 200 grams, Cottage cheese 900 grams, Sour cream 100 grams, Plums 500 grams Making a delicious pie with cottage cheese and plums at home is no problem! You will love its taste and aroma! I tried to prepare a dietary recipe that would not add extra centimeters to my waist. But if you like sweet baked goods, add more...

Pie with cottage cheese in the ovenIngredients: Shortbread cookies 130-170 grams, Butter 3-5 tbsp. spoons, Cottage cheese 2 Cups, Yogurt 0.5 Cups, Vanilla extract 1 Teaspoon, Eggs 2 Pieces, Sugar 2/3 Cups (for filling), Sour cream 1 Glass, Sugar 1/3 Cup (for sour cream topping) This pie with cottage cheese It tastes like cheesecake, although it has a slightly different filling structure. It is very convenient to bake it in a square shape, so that later it can be conveniently divided into portions. Garnish servings with fresh berries, chocolate fudge or honey. By using…

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