World Cooking Exploration: Discover New Recipes
Black Eye Beans Cooking Recipes
There are about 75 types of beans in the world, varying in color, size, and origin. Of everything
Simple and original ways to cut carrots and decorate any dish
Forms of slicing fresh cucumber: Strips Cutting cucumbers into strips is called julienne and is used for salads,
Sushi herring under a fur coat. Herring rolls under a fur coat. How to prepare Shuba salad in the form of rolls
History of the name. Why is the herring under a fur coat and not in a coat? Anastas came up with this salad
Garlic Chicken Recipes
Chicken with potatoes in the oven with mayonnaise, recipe with photo
Preparing the Carcass Before you start cooking the recipe that suits you best
Kefir pancakes with boiling water with holes - 7 recipes
Pancakes made with kefir turn out very tender and tasty. In our recipe you can use
Fried sausage in batter recipe
How to quickly and deliciously fry sausage in batter in a frying pan Why this option?
Cauliflower in batter: the most delicious recipes
Beat eggs with salt. Add milk and mix everything. Pour the batter into the cabbage and
At what temperature are sponge cakes baked in the oven?
Biscuit is a universal pastry for confectioners. Almost no cake is complete without a sponge cake.
How to cook lean cabbage soup from fresh cabbage. Lenten cabbage soup. Lenten cabbage soup with fresh cabbage and beans
Benefits and harms What benefits does red cabbage bring? Anthocyanins, which provide unusual leaf color
Ketchunez sauce: 5 recipes suitable for meat, pizza and pasta
Shish kebab in soy sauce To cook a good shish kebab, you need to choose the right meat and the right
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