Simple and original ways to cut carrots and decorate any dish
Forms of slicing fresh cucumber: Strips Cutting cucumbers into strips is called julienne and is used for salads,
Cauliflower in batter: the most delicious recipes
Beat eggs with salt. Add milk and mix everything. Pour the batter into the cabbage and
How and for how long should you boil potatoes to make mashed potatoes?
Many people have loved fried potatoes since ancient times. This is truly the simplest homemade dish that
Pickled cauliflower for the winter with tomatoes. Cauliflower with tomatoes
Preparation Large photos Small photos First of all, you should prepare the cauliflower. I'm heading out
Adyghe-style pickled pumpkin, a simple recipe with photos
Pumpkin puree recipe Many summer residents who were able to reap a rich pumpkin harvest make it
Stew with zucchini in a pot
Stew with minced meat: recipe with photos
How to cook vegetable stew with minced meat according to step-by-step recipe 3 1 hour 20 min
Quick and crispy cabbage pickling in brine
Pickling cabbage with carrots, peppers and beets - classic pickling recipes
Every housewife wants to know how to ferment cabbage so that it is crispy and tasty. After all
Red Riding Hood salad with pomegranate
Delicious recipes for every day and more: “Little Red Riding Hood” salad
Any holiday table must certainly be colorful and rich, and an unusual
Zucchini soufflé
Zucchini soufflé recipe. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.
The harvest is almost completely harvested, and we can enjoy different vegetables, berries, and make
Recipe: Chicken soup with cauliflower. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.
Cauliflower is delicious in a variety of forms, including soups and
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