Recipe Omelet with sour cream. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.

07/25/2015 Omelette with sour cream and tomatoes. How to make an omelet - another article in the marathon ,

in which quick and tasty breakfasts are replenished and replenished. Be sure to check out other options by following the link, there are a lot of different goodies there! And today we’ll talk about omelette with sour cream or omelette with sour cream. In fact, you can replace sour cream and milk, as everyone usually does, and there will be a recipe for an omelet with milk, but I’ll tell you a secret - this is the key to splendor! And today I will tell you how to cook an omelette fluffy and tender, so my recommendation is to cook an omelette with sour cream in a frying pan!

In general, a lush omelette in a frying pan is easy and nutritious. If you are still wondering what to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty, then the choice is obvious. Although, they cook very quickly and turn out very tasty, so... Think for yourself, there are a lot of options. An egg omelet, a classic omelet, like in kindergarten, like my grandmother and mother made - this is what you need in the morning. And yes, such a “children’s” omelet for a child will also be very useful, pass on the nostalgia to the next generation, it’s cool!

And if it’s also an omelet with tomatoes and herbs... I think I’ll go cook it again now, it’s very tasty and quick!

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