Cheese sticks - recipe with photos step by step in the oven

Cheese sticks are delicious snacks that children love to crunch on while watching cartoons and adults who are in a friendly company of friends.

For adults, you can offer them beer and red wine, and for kids, milk, tea, cocoa, and jelly.

They are great for snacking on the road, on a walk or on a picnic.

Nutritious cheese sticks are very easy to prepare. You can verify this if you make this universal delicacy with us. Its versatility lies in the fact that it is suitable both for a full breakfast in a duet with a glass of yogurt, and for lunch while relaxing on the beach or in the forest.

These tasty sticks do not require special storage conditions, so bake a lot of cheese brushwood.

A microwave oven will make the process of preparing cheese sticks easier, because it can quickly cope with any task. The main thing is to place it correctly

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