Recipe: Scrambled eggs in the microwave. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.


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01/24/2015 Cooking time: 30 min

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If we consider egg dishes, then omelet is considered the most popular. To make it less saturated with fat, the omelet can be cooked in the microwave. The result is amazing!

General principles for preparing an omelet in a microwave oven

You can cook an omelet in any microwave-safe container: a mug, a plate, a heat-resistant glass form. Some housewives use silicone molds and even baking bags. There are special double omelet makers made of plastic.

The general rules for cooking omelettes in the microwave are practically no different from the classical ones:

  • A traditional omelet should have a light, airy structure. Tip: Use chilled eggs for cooking. If they are stored in the refrigerator, take them out just before whipping.
  • Measure the amount of milk carefully. If there is more of it than needed, the omelette will not rise. To make the omelette fluffy, it is recommended to add warmed milk.

  • If desired, you can add a little flour or semolina to the composition, but no more than 2 tablespoons 4 eggs. This will give the dish a special fluffiness.
  • Use fresh, country eggs whenever possible. You can buy them at the market or in farm stores. The shell of fresh eggs has a matte surface.
  • If you are preparing an omelette with filling, then add it after the eggs have been beaten into a thick foam.

But there are some nuances to cooking in the microwave:

  • Cooking time depends on the volume - the larger the portion, the longer the omelette will take to cook.
  • The time also depends on the power of the microwave oven. Study the instructions for your equipment and supervise the preparation for the first time.
  • The egg mass should occupy no more than half the total volume of the container in which the omelet will be cooked in the microwave.

Italian frittata

Interestingly, the following recipe includes potatoes. 3 tubers will need to be boiled “in their uniform” in advance. Other ingredients: 4 pcs. chicken eggs, onion, 230 g smoked bacon, 90 g Dutch cheese, salt.

  1. Bacon is cut into small cubes. You can also use smoked sausage or chicken instead.
  2. In a deep bowl, the crushed ingredient is combined with the eggs. The mass is salted.
  3. Onions are cut into half rings, boiled potatoes - into cubes. Together these vegetables are fried in hot fat.
  4. Onions and potatoes are laid out in a glass dish. A mixture of sausage and eggs is poured on top.
  5. At maximum power of the device, the treat will be prepared in 4-5 minutes.
  6. After about 3.5 minutes, the container with the omelette is removed from the microwave and generously sprinkled with grated cheese. You can add chopped garlic to it for a spicy aroma.

To speed up the process of preparing breakfast in the morning, you should prepare the necessary products in advance.

Hello, curious readers of my blog. If you're short on time in the morning and you need to prepare breakfast for the whole family, don't panic. You won't remain hungry. You can prepare a healthy and satisfying dish very quickly. Today I decided to tell you how to make an omelet in the microwave. And I even have several recipe options with photos and videos in store for you.

By the way, I loved experimenting with omelettes - so I cooked them. A real egg pancake with ham and melted cheese. Reminiscent of pizza if you add more tomato and cheese. Unification

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