Pies with jam from yeast dough: recipe with photos

Do you want something sweet for tea, but don’t have the time or desire to spend a lot of time messing around in the kitchen? Why not bake a pie with apple jam! The filling is already ready, and the dough can be quickly kneaded in one way or another from the products found in the bins. In any case, the taste of fresh baked goods is incomparable.

Pie “Lattice” with apple jam on yeast dough

Kneading the dough with dry yeast automatically reduces the baking time. There is no need to set the dough, this is minus 40 minutes. In addition, powdered yeast works faster than fresh yeast, so the mass rises 2 times faster.

  1. The milk is heated to 38 degrees. Yeast is dissolved in it. Add sugar, a little salt, eggs. Stir.
  2. The flour is sifted and poured in parts into the milk. Knead the dough in a bowl.
  3. At the end, warm margarine is poured in. Continue kneading the dough on the table for about 15 minutes until it becomes plastic and manageable.
  4. Roll the dough into a ball. Place in a deep bowl sprinkled with flour. Cover with a towel. Leave it in a warm place for 2 hours.
  5. Before forming the pie, knead the risen fluffy dough to get rid of the smell of yeast.
  6. Separate ¼ of the part for the decorative top - the lattice. Most of it is rolled out into a layer up to 1 cm thick. Rolled onto a rolling pin and carefully transferred to a baking sheet greased with a drop of vegetable oil.
  7. Apple jam, if it is very dense, is cut into slices and laid overlapping on the base of the pie. The soft jam is heated to 30 degrees and spread in an even layer over the base, departing 2 cm from the edges.
  8. The dough left for the top is rolled out thinly. Cut into ribbons and lay out, intertwining with each other, on top of a layer of apple jam.
  9. The edges of the base of the pie are folded inward and slightly pinched, forming sides. Cover the pie with a towel and leave to proof (20 minutes).
  10. The oven is heated to 190 degrees. The top of the pie is brushed with egg. Bake for half an hour.

There is no need to immediately remove the finished cake from the sheet. It should “rest” and cool a little so that the base can easily move away from the baking sheet.

Baked from rich unleavened dough

This is an option for those with a sweet tooth, because in addition to the filling, the dough itself in the pie turns out to be quite sweet. The liquid base of the baking is sour (kefir, liquid sour cream, sour milk). For the splendor of the mass, use baking soda. It takes very little time to assemble the pie, because the rich unleavened dough does not require time to proof.

Product proportions:

  • apple jam – 200 g;
  • three-day kefir (2.5%) – 300 ml;
  • sugar – 180 g;
  • 1 egg;
  • 2 grams of baking soda;
  • flour – 900 g;
  • melted margarine – 100 g;
  • a pinch of salt.

Time – 1 hour.

Calorie content 100 g – 295 kcal.

  1. Kefir is heated to body temperature. Stir in sugar, beaten egg, melted margarine.
  2. Sift the flour and mix with soda. Pour into a heap onto the table. A depression is made in the center into which the liquid baking base is poured. Quickly knead the plastic dough.
  3. The unleavened dough does not need to rest or rise. It is immediately divided into parts for the base and top of the pie. The base is rolled out into a layer 1.5 cm thick and transferred to a greased baking dish.
  4. The remaining portion is used to form the top of the open pie. These can be braids, ribbons for braiding, or a layer with cut out figures for cookies.
  5. Spread apple jam on the base of the butter pie, remembering to leave 2 cm free around the perimeter. Cover with the top, fold inward and pinch the edges.
  6. By this time the oven should be preheated to 180 degrees. The formed pie is placed in a hot oven for 35 minutes.

Sweet unleavened dough rises perfectly when baked, becoming as airy, tender, and fluffy as yeast dough. But there is half as much hassle with him.

Open curd pie with apple jam

Anyone just learning to bake pies will appreciate this recipe. Using cottage cheese without a liquid component, the dough is kneaded easily and quickly. The main thing is to bring the mass to homogeneity so that there is not a single lump.

Product proportions:

  • apple jam – 250 g;
  • cottage cheese (5%) – 400 g;
  • butter (72.5%) melted – 190 g;
  • flour – 390 g;
  • 2 eggs;
  • sugar – 100 g;
  • potato starch – 60 g;
  • baking soda – ½ tsp.

Time – 80 minutes.

Calorie content 100 g – 284.5 kcal.

  1. The cottage cheese is ground through a sieve. Take half, combine with half sugar and one egg.
  2. Add butter and soda to the curd mass. Stir.
  3. The flour is sifted and added into the cottage cheese in parts. Knead the plastic dough.
  4. The finished curd dough is rolled into a ball, wrapped in cling film, and placed in the refrigerator for half an hour.
  5. The second part of the cottage cheese is ground with an egg, sugar, and a spoonful of starch.
  6. The dough is rolled out into a circle with a diameter slightly larger than the baking container. Move into the mold, making sure to form high sides.
  7. The base is sprinkled with starch. Spread the curd filling. Apply apple jam on top in an even layer.
  8. The oven is turned on at 180 degrees. As soon as it warms up, put the cottage cheese pie with apple jam to bake. It will be ready in 35 minutes.

It is better to bake tall, open pies with lots of filling in silicone or springform pans. This will make it easier to remove the baked goods and transfer them to the dish.

Delicious open baked goods in a hurry

For the test you will need:

  • Margarine – 150 g;
  • 0.5 cups sour cream;
  • 4 boiled egg yolks;
  • ¼ tsp. salt;
  • Flour – 3 cups;
  • 0.5 teaspoon of soda.

For filling:

  • 500 g of any jam;
  • 250 g walnuts if available, you can use cashews, hazelnuts and almonds.

Sift the flour, grind the yolks through a sieve, combine, add salt and mix. Cut the frozen butter into very small slices into the flour with the yolks.

Add sour cream and slaked soda with vinegar. Knead the dough and leave it in the freezer for a while.

Chop the dried walnuts and mix with jam. The filling is ready.

Then you need to take out the dough and separate 2/3 of it. Roll out and make sides. Spread the filling evenly onto the rolled out dough.

The remaining dough must be rolled out thinly. Then carefully cut strips from the rolled sheet.

Use these strips to make a lattice on top of the filling. Bake the uncovered pie with jam at 190°C.

The ingredients may vary slightly, but overall the video below does a great job of showing how to make a quick open pie:

To ensure that the pies do not burn, the dough turns out without lumps, and the cooking process brings only pleasure, you can use the following tips:

  1. To prevent lumps from forming in the dough, all liquid ingredients must be poured in a thin stream, thoroughly mixing the mixture;
  2. Grease your hands with olive or other oil, the dough will not stick to them. This will greatly facilitate the cooking process;
  3. Flour should always be sifted so that it is saturated with oxygen. In this case, the dough will be fluffy;
  4. Before baking, it is advisable to place parchment or special paper in the mold so that the finished product can be easily removed;
  5. Chopped orange or lemon zest is suitable as a vanillin substitute;
  6. Cognac can replace baking powder. You just need to add quite a bit of it;
  7. If you have time, the product should not be put directly into the oven, but, if possible, left to sit for a few minutes at 20–25 °C and let the dough rise;
  8. Before baking, it is advisable to brush the pie with a raw egg. It will then turn out with a golden crust;
  9. If you place the hot mold on a wet towel, then after a few minutes the product can be easily removed without deforming or breaking;
  10. To prevent the cake from drying out for a long time and losing its original appearance, it is best to store it in an earthenware container, and always cover it.

Often the baking result depends on the features of the stove. Using an electric stove is much more convenient than using a gas stove. In it, the heat is distributed evenly and you can use a lower and upper heating system, depending on your needs.

Features of baking in an electric oven

This oven is convenient because it automatically maintains the desired temperature. Electric stoves are often equipped with a timer, which only adds to the comfort. To avoid problems when working with it, here are some tips:

  1. Before turning on the electric oven, you must remove all baking sheets and racks that will not be used;
  2. Before sending the product to bake, it is necessary to preheat the oven to the desired temperature;
  3. If desired, the air in an electric oven can be humidified by placing a container of water in it or sprinkling the cake;
  4. Glass and ceramic dishes should not be placed in a hot oven; they must be heated gradually, otherwise they may burst;
  5. To know that the cake is ready, you need to pierce it with something, for example, a toothpick or a match. The absence of sticky dough on the toothpick indicates that the product is ready;
  6. The recommended baking temperature is 180 °C. It is recommended to bake puff pastry products at 200 °C.

If you have lingonberries, then replace jam in baked goods with them. Fresh lingonberries will make the pie beautiful, and dusting them with powder will make it seem like they are covered in snow! Imagine!

What do chefs from other countries, such as France, suggest to cook quickly? Read the answer, you will also find recipes there. I'll tell you a secret, they prefer Quiche. We can say that this is also a pie, but with a certain French twist.

If there is absolutely no time for a pie or guests do not want to wait for it, then sandwiches will come to the rescue. read about how to whip them up.

Features of baking in a gas oven

The gas oven heats up from below. Therefore, users often encounter the problem that the cake burns and is not baked well. How to deal with this?

  1. Before sending the product to bake, it is necessary to warm up the gas oven well at maximum heat;
  2. To prevent the cake from burning, place a baking sheet with salt or sand under the pan;
  3. You should always grease the baking dish or special paper with fat, this will significantly reduce the risk of burning;
  4. There should be free space around the pie for normal air circulation;
  5. A golden crust can be achieved by increasing the heat during the last few minutes of baking;
  6. To ensure that the cake does not burn in the gas oven, a fireproof brick is placed on the bottom of the oven. This is the most effective way against burning.

Before using any oven, it is important to read the instructions for it. This will make working with it much easier. Even for experienced pastry chefs with experience, reading the oven instructions can be useful.

With these simple recipes you will delight yourself and all your loved ones with delicious pies without wasting a lot of time. And following useful tips, baking pies will only bring pleasure.

Homemade pastries with jam are an excellent option for treats that are usually prepared in a hurry. By using simple dough making techniques and using a stale jar of winter sweet preserves, you can create extraordinary sweet treats that will appeal to all home eaters and guests.

Shortbread pastry

The fastest and easiest version of shortcrust pastry pie with jam. It takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare food, an excellent solution in cases where there is absolutely no time to mess around in the kitchen.

Product proportions:

  • jam – 200 g;
  • cream margarine – 200 g;
  • flour – 260 g;
  • sugar – 80 g;
  • baking powder - 1 pack;
  • a pinch of salt.

Time – 50 minutes.

Calorie content 100 g – 411 kcal.

  1. The flour is sifted and mixed with baking powder.
  2. Margarine, well hardened in the refrigerator, is quickly chopped as finely as possible.
  3. Pour sugar and flour into margarine. Mix and grind with your hands until fine crumbs are obtained.
  4. Half the mass is poured into a baking dish, leveled, and low sides are formed. Press lightly with a spatula.
  5. Overlapping slices of dense apple jam are laid on top.
  6. Cover the filling with a layer of the remaining sand crumbs.
  7. The oven is turned on at 180 degrees. After a couple of minutes, place the mold inside. Bake the pie from grated shortcrust pastry for 40 minutes.

The dough for this recipe turns out very crumbly. Therefore, before removing the cake from the mold, it must be allowed to cool. Then you can safely transfer it to a dish, cut it into pieces and serve with tea.

Yeast and butter dough for sweet pies should be soft and manageable. If the mixture sticks when kneading, it is better to lubricate your hands with sunflower oil. But under no circumstances add flour. Otherwise, the dough will become heavy, rise poorly and will not turn out fluffy after baking.

To make dry yeast work faster, straight dough can be placed in an oven preheated to 50 degrees. Sweet butter dough, on the contrary, cannot be left in the heat for a long time - it must be transferred to a mold and baked immediately after kneading.

If desired, you can add steamed raisins or a little crushed peanuts to the filling of the cottage cheese pie with apple jam. After cooling, sprinkle baked goods made from shortcrust pastry with grated chocolate for a variety of flavors.

The video shows a simple and very tasty recipe for making a pie:

This is how different pies with the same apple jam filling can be. This type of jam is good with any dough, and baking always turns out well. Therefore, it is enough to carry out an audit of the kitchen, decide on a set of products and feel free to start cooking.

Surely apple jam is the favorite among all jams when it comes to baking. Pie with apple jam is a classic of the culinary genre. The best combination with such a wonderful filling is the base of aromatic, sweet, so cozy and homemade pastry. At the mere thought of fluffy yeast bagels, donuts or pies with apple jam, your appetite begins to increase.

Have you ever tried baking butter pies with jam? In such a pie, the ratio of dough to filling is almost equal, due to which the filling in it is felt stronger than in other types of baked goods. It actually permeates the pores of the dough, turning into a sweet and aromatic syrup. The dough itself will be prepared on the basis of baked milk, which will make it even more fragrant.

To make such a pie, you need to put in very little effort, especially if you entrust the hardest part of the work - kneading the butter dough - to a bread maker (or food processor). Using this technique, you will get a soft, well-kneaded, elastic dough.

As with regular yeast dough, the kneading process will consist of mixing the products (first batch), resting, second batch, first rising. After this, you will need to shape the cake and place it for the final proofing - the second rise. The only condition that distinguishes the preparation of simple yeast dough from butter dough is that it takes more time to rise the butter dough, since it is rich in additives and rises more slowly.


  • 2.5 cups wheat flour
  • 1 glass of baked milk
  • 50 grams butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of sour cream
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons dry yeast
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • 450-500 grams.

Also use some powdered sugar to decorate the cake.

Preparation time: about 3 hours including dough preparation time

Pies with jam: grated, yeast, shortbread. Cooking recipes:

It often happens that you need to have some sweet dish at home so that you have something to go with for a quick snack, drink tea or coffee. If you have jam on hand, preferably made with your own hands, then this is not a problem at all. You can always knead the dough and make pies with jam. This dish is one of the simplest and fastest. It turns out that you don’t even need to process apples or other fruits, since the jam has already been made before.

Grated pie recipe

Today we’ll start with a recipe for a dish like grated pie with jam. To prepare it we will need:

  • 250 ml cherry jam,
  • 120 grams of margarine,
  • 300 grams of wheat flour,
  • half a teaspoon of baking powder,
  • 70 grams of granulated sugar,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • 200 grams of cottage cheese,
  • 100 grams of hazelnuts,
  • teaspoon lemon zest,
  • one chicken egg.

Cooking process:

Using a mixer, beat together sugar, egg, margarine and a pinch of salt. Add cottage cheese, which should not have a dry consistency. Then grate the lemon zest and add it to the mixture. Next - sifted flour and nuts. Mix well with a spatula, you should get a soft, homogeneous and smooth dough. Divide it into three or four balls, wrap it in cling film and place it in the freezer for at least one hour.

After it becomes hard, grate half the portion directly into a mold greased with butter. Heat the jam/jam until it reaches a thinner consistency. There is no need to make it hot. Spread evenly over the entire surface with a spoon. Rub the rest of the dough on top. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180 degrees, place the pan in it and bake for approximately 50 minutes. Let cool for 20 minutes and remove from pan. Serve the completely cooled grated pie with jam.

Recipe for shortbread pie with jam

This dish is not very different from the previous one, but still a little different. Therefore, considering different pies with jam, we will evaluate this option. We need the following products.

For the test:

  • three glasses of wheat flour,
  • two eggs,
  • half a glass of granulated sugar,
  • margarine - 200 grams,
  • on the tip of the knife - vanillin,
  • baking powder - a teaspoon.

For filling:

Melt the margarine and let it cool. Beat eggs with granulated sugar, add margarine and mix the mixture well. Mix flour with vanillin and baking powder and add little by little into the mixture, then knead into a loose dough.

We divide it into three equal parts, put one of them in the freezer, and distribute the other two evenly on a baking sheet and grease it with jam. Use a coarse grater to grate the frozen part of the dough directly onto the jam so that it is also evenly applied to the dish being prepared. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and place the mold in it. Bake for 25 minutes. The shortbread pie with jam is ready.

Recipe for yeast pie with jam

Required ingredients:

  • rich yeast dough made with 1 glass of milk,
  • jam – 500 grams,
  • butter - for the cake and greasing the baking sheet.

We will bake the base of the pie in a frying pan with a diameter of 26 cm; the quantity of ingredients is indicated for this form. We prepare yeast pies with jam in the following way. Knead the butter dough and divide it into two slightly unequal parts. From the larger one, roll out a sheet of centimeter thickness. This will be the base. Its diameter should be 30-32 centimeters. Grease a frying pan with butter and place the rolled out dough on it. The sides are formed around the circumference. Put jam on the pie. We also roll out the remaining dough and cut thin strips from it. We will use them to decorate the dish. We collect a mesh from them and carefully place them on the pie. Leave it for 20-30 minutes, let it go a little. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200 degrees and place the mold in it. Bake for ten minutes, then reduce to 160 degrees and leave the baked goods in the oven for another half hour. Then grease the top with butter and, like all pies with jam, serve cooled.

Preparing a yeast, butter pie with jam

The dough prepared according to this recipe turns out aromatic, tasty, soft and airy. Interestingly, no chicken eggs are used. Important condition: all products must be at room temperature.


  • milk – 250 ml,
  • dry yeast – 10 grams,
  • vegetable oil – 50 ml,
  • margarine or butter – 50 grams,
  • half a kilogram of flour,
  • granulated sugar - five spoons,
  • salt - half a teaspoon,
  • vanilla sugar – 10 grams,
  • jam – 150 grams.

Yeast pie with jam, recipe

Mix one spoon of sugar and yeast in warm milk and leave in a warm place for 15 minutes. Then add the remaining granulated sugar, salt, vanilla, vegetable oil and butter (melted). Mix everything thoroughly until the granulated sugar is completely dissolved. We begin to add flour, after sifting it. Stir well constantly. The dough should be soft. Place it in a warm place for an hour and a half, covered with a towel. We wait until it increases one and a half to two times, after which we set it down and put it on a table greased with vegetable oil. Divide into two equal-sized parts.

Roll out one into a circle with a diameter of 24 centimeters, according to the size of the mold, transfer it to it, twisting it onto a rolling pin. Next, cover the dough with jam. From the second part we form a pigtail and create a side from it. We make decorations from the remaining pieces and place them on the surface of the pie. Leave it alone for 25 minutes, and then put it in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. Bake for 40 minutes.

Recipe for shortbread pie made from bulk dough with jam

When considering various pies with jam, we recommend paying attention to this one, which uses quick dough. Products used:

  • flour - two glasses,
  • granulated sugar – 150 grams,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • margarine – 200 grams,
  • baking powder - one sachet,
  • apple jam - one glass.

Cooking process:

Chop the cooled margarine into small pieces in a bowl. Then pour in the sugar and flour, sifting it and mixing it with baking powder.

Grind into dry crumbs with your hands. Pour half into the mold and level it out. Place an even layer of jam on top and sprinkle with another layer of crumbs. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and place the mold in it. Bake for 60 minutes. Let it cool, then remove from the baking container and transfer to a plate. The result is a delicious pie with jam, the recipe for which is enough for any housewife.


Option 1: Classic apple pie

An option for fluffy and light homemade baked goods. In the classic apple jam pie recipe, the dough is made with whole cow's milk. If desired, it can be diluted with some water, this will slightly reduce the calorie content. Yeast dough loves heat, so you need to take care in advance of a suitable place for it to mature.


  • 250 ml milk;
  • 50 ml sunflower oil;
  • 500 g flour;
  • 3 g salt;
  • 1 egg;
  • 10 g yeast;
  • 100 g sugar;
  • 200 g jam.

Cooking method

1. Heat milk to 40°C, add granulated sugar, add instant yeast and salt. Stir and leave for 10 minutes.

2. Add flour; when kneading, add odorless sunflower oil. Knead the dough thoroughly until smooth, transfer to a bowl with high sides, and cover with a towel.

3. After 1 hour and 20 minutes, the dough will rise well, you need to lower it with your hand, that is, knead it. Leave for another hour.

4. Knead the jam so that there are no lumps in the mass.

5. Take out the dough and separate about a third of it, set aside.

6. Roll out a larger piece, then carefully transfer the layer into the mold. We use dishes with a diameter of about 23-25 ​​cm. Straighten the sides.

7. Place apple jam on the dough and spread the filling into an even layer.

8. Roll out the remaining dough into a flat cake and cover with the filling. Connect the edges of the two layers. Make one or more small holes on top.

9. Beat the egg and brush the pie.

10. Turn on the oven and heat it to 200 °C. Just during this time the cake will rise a little. Bake for 15 minutes.

There is no need to rush to remove the cake from the mold, much less cut it. The baked goods should be allowed to cool completely. Then the jam will not leak out of the pieces when cutting, and you will get a beautiful and neat pie.

Pies with jam - so different!

Pies with jam are an inexpensive and beloved pastry. Some will say that it’s banal, while others will notice that it’s “grandmother’s” - from childhood, from cozy winter evenings, old pantries with jars filled with a variety of jams.

There are several types of dough for such pies, and each is interesting in its own way.

The choice of jam for pies is, oddly enough, no less important. Agree, pies with homemade aromatic plum jam and pies with store-bought apple jam will be quite different. Yes, homemade jam for pies is better. If your choice nevertheless falls on store-bought, choose the thickest version of cherry, apple or plum jam.

Traditional pies with jam

This recipe will take a lot of time, since the basis of the pies is yeast dough. But, perhaps, these are the most traditional, basic pies with jam.

Recipe Ingredients

  • flour 0.5 kg
  • active yeast 1/2 tablespoon
  • salt a pinch
  • sugar 100 g
  • cream margarine 100 g
  • milk 1 glass
  • egg 2 pcs.
  • jam 300-350 g

How to make pies filled with jam according to a traditional recipe

Combine warm milk, yeast and sugar.
The temperature of the milk is of great importance. Cold milk will prevent the yeast from rising, and hot milk will simply kill the yeast fungus.

Leave the dough in a warm place for 15-25 minutes. A foamy top should appear on top.

Add melted margarine, eggs, salt, mix the dough.

Sift the flour, add in parts to the liquid ingredients, knead the dough.

Leave the dough in a warm place under a towel for 20-40 minutes. Let the dough rise and knead.

Divide the dough, roll out equal flat cakes. Place 2 teaspoons of jam in the center and make pies.

Place on a greased baking sheet and let rise for 15-20 minutes.

Grease with yolk and bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees until golden brown.

Remove the pies from the baking sheet and let them rest a little.

For convenience, place the pies in a deep bowl in one layer and let them lie for 10-15 minutes under a towel. This will make the pies even tastier.

This is an option for the laziest housewives, since the recipe uses ready-made puff pastry and thick store-bought jam.

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 package of puff pastry (weight 0.5 kg);
  • 300 grams of jam;
  • 1 yolk;
  • a little vegetable oil.

How to make lazy pies with jam

Defrost the dough. Roll out a little and cut into squares with a side of 12-15 cm.

You can cut smaller squares, but then you end up with very small pies.

Cut the jam into large squares or rectangles.

If you use homemade jam, scoop the jam with a teaspoon, try to form a large piece.

Place a large piece of jam in the center of each square.

Pinch the edges to form square pies. Make nice and even joints.

Grease a baking sheet or parchment sheet with vegetable oil.

Place the pies at a short distance, the puff pastry does not rise much.

Break the egg, separate the yolk. Brush the pies with yolk using a silicone brush.

Bake for 15-20 minutes until nicely crusted.

You can put much more jam in such pies than in others - the filling does not leak out of such pies.

Recipe for Lenten pies with jam

This recipe can be prepared both during fasting and on other days; the recipe is very economical. These are pan-fried pies.

  • 2 cups of flour;
  • 150 ml water;
  • 15 grams of fresh yeast;
  • 1-1.5 tablespoons of sugar;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 1.5 tablespoons of refined vegetable oil + 1 glass of oil for deep frying;
  • 50-80 grams of any jam.

All products must be at a compact temperature.

First, let's prepare the dough:

Mash the yeast with a fork, add sugar and knead again.

Add 1/3 cup flour and add water little by little, stir the mixture. A liquid dough will come out.

Place the dough in a warm place for 15-25 minutes.

When the dough has increased in volume by 3 times, continue cooking.

Kneading dough

Sift the remaining flour into another bowl and pour in the dough.

Stir the dough and let it rise. After about 1-1.5 hours the dough will rise.

Punch down the dough and add vegetable oil. After this, let the dough rise again.

Punch down the dough one last time and make the pies as usual.

Making pies with jam

Deep fry the pies for 10-15 minutes on each side.

It is advisable that the pies are at least half immersed in boiling oil.

Pies with jam on kefir

Pies according to this recipe can be deep-fried or baked in the oven. The recipe is universal; the dough is suitable for both sweet and savory fillings.


  • 250-300 ml of sour kefir, fat content 1.5%;
  • 300-350 grams of flour;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 teaspoon of soda;
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar, optional without it.


  • 100-150 grams of thick jam.

How to cook kefir pies with jam

Warm up the kefir, even if it is at room temperature. Kefir should be warm, about 37-38 degrees.

Sift flour and baking soda.

Add sugar to flour, mix.

Pour flour into a container with warm kefir and mix.

The dough should stand and become blistered.

Only then continue cooking.

Let the dough sit, and in the meantime beat the egg and pour into the dough. Mix the dough with your hands. Add more flour if necessary. A soft, pliable dough should come out. Make pies and fry in deep fat or in the oven. Such pies come out spongy and fluffier than usual, because the dough increases in volume by 1.5-2 times.


Option 2: Apple jam pie made from puff pastry

A delicious pie option with apple jam that doesn’t require kneading the dough. It is sold in the store. You can use yeast-free dough or with yeast. The entire cooking process along with baking will not take more than 40 minutes.


  • 400 g dough;
  • egg;
  • 200 g jam.

Cooking method

1. Remove the dough from the refrigerator. Turn on the oven immediately and let it preheat to 220°C.

2. Roll out the layers of dough to a thickness of 0.3 cm. Place one in a mold or on a small baking sheet.

3. Break an egg into a bowl and whisk with a fork. Dip the brush and coat the edges of the bottom layer.

4. Lay out the jam, stretch it over the entire surface with a spoon, but do not touch the ends.

5. Roll out the second layer too and, without transferring it to the pie, make several cuts on top with a sharp knife.

6. Transfer the layer to the pie, join the edges. Brush the top of the pie with the remaining beaten egg.

7. Bake for 15-18 minutes until golden brown.

Puff pastry does not like low temperatures, it dries out, crumbles and becomes tasteless, which is why the oven needs to be warmed up properly and done in advance. Otherwise, the pie will be hopelessly ruined.

Sand pie with jam

An excellent lazy open-faced pie with jam made from shortcrust pastry is very flavorful.


  • flour - 300 g;
  • pack of butter;
  • 3 egg yolks;
  • 0.5 stack. Sahara;
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder;
  • corn starch: 1 tbsp;
  • 2 stacks jam.


  1. Soften the butter and grind with sugar, add a pinch of salt.
  2. Add the yolks to the mixture one at a time. Stir.
  3. Add baking powder and flour. Knead the dough until crumbly.
  4. Roll out the dough and place in a pan lined with parchment.
  5. Form sides around the dough and pierce the bottom with a fork several times.
  6. Mix jam with starch, you can add cinnamon.
  7. Pour jam into the mold onto the dough and bake for 45 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees.

If you whip up a shortbread pie with jam, it’s good to add ginger, cardamom or cinnamon to it. If so, vanilla will do.

Option 3: Apple jam pie made from homemade shortcrust pastry

The special feature of this pie is its crumbly dough. If you don't have butter, you can use cooking oil or margarine. Additionally, for shaping you will need a grater, which gives this pastry its second name - grated pie.


  • 2 eggs;
  • 3 tbsp. flour;
  • 200 g butter;
  • 160 g sugar;
  • 350 g jam;
  • 5 g ripper.

Cooking method

1. Combine grated butter with flour, add prescription sugar to them, grind together until crumbs are obtained.

2. Add baking powder. Stir.

3. Add eggs and knead regular dough. Separate the third part, roll into an elongated sausage, put in a bag, then in the freezer.

4. Roll the rest of the dough into a ball and simply put it in the refrigerator. It is recommended to cover with something to prevent the crust from drying out.

5. After 30 minutes, take out a large piece of dough, which was simply put in the refrigerator. Sprinkle it with flour, roll it out into an even layer, and transfer it to a baking sheet. There is no need to lubricate the sheet with anything; the shortbread dough will not stick.

6. Apply a layer of apple jam to the bottom cake. It is advisable to distribute evenly.

7. Remove the piece of dough from the freezer and remove it from the bag. Using a coarse grater, chop it immediately into a layer of jam. The device must be held in a canopy, smoothly moving over the cake.

8. By the end of the cake formation, the oven should already warm up to 200 °C. Place a baking tray in it.

9. Bake until the top shredded dough is golden brown. It will not take more than 20 minutes.

This pie needs to be cut right away. You can make squares, rectangles, triangles or long strips. If you let the product cool completely, it will be more difficult to divide it into portions.

Grated pie with jam

Grated pie is a delicacy familiar from childhood. Preparing grated pie with jam in a hurry is easy and looks beautiful on the table.


  • pack of butter;
  • 2/3 stack. Sahara;
  • 2 eggs;
  • flour - 2 tablespoons + 3 cups and ½ cup. for crumbs;
  • 300 ml. jam;
  • a teaspoon of baking powder;
  • a packet of vanillin.

Cooking steps:

  1. 20 minutes before preparing the dough, remove the butter from the refrigerator. It should soften a little.
  2. Mix the butter and sugar using a fork and add the eggs.
  3. Mix the mixture until you get a creamy consistency.
  4. Sift flour (3 cups and 2 tablespoons) and mix with baking powder. Add to the butter mixture. Make a thick and smooth dough.
  5. Divide the dough into two parts, one of which will be smaller. Roll out a large piece and distribute it in a pan on parchment in an even layer with low sides.
  6. Spread the jam evenly over the surface of the dough.
  7. Sift half a glass of flour and mix with a small piece of dough. Knead well, it should be tight.
  8. Make a ball out of the dough and grate the jam on top. Spread over the pie.
  9. Preheat the oven at 200 gr. and set the pie to bake.
  10. The pie bakes quickly, about 25 minutes.
  11. When the top of the pie turns golden, you can remove it.

Required ingredients:

  • jam - a glass;
  • a glass of sugar;
  • water - 200 ml;
  • 200 g. grows. oils;
  • 360 g flour;
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder.


  1. Combine sugar, jam and water in a bowl, add a pinch of salt. The sugar should dissolve, then you can pour the oil into the mixture.
  2. Add baking powder and flour, knead a dough similar to thick sour cream.
  3. Pour the dough into the greased pan. Bake for about an hour in the oven at 160 degrees.
  4. Cool the finished cake, and only then remove it from the mold so that it is not damaged.

Check the readiness of the pie with a toothpick. If it comes out of the dough without lumps, the pie is ready. Water for the dough can be replaced with juice.

Option 4: Pie with apple jam and cottage cheese

A variation of a hearty pie with apple jam, the filling of which also contains cottage cheese. After cooking, the healthy product turns into a delicate soufflé. If desired, some of the jam can be mixed with a fresh apple, cut into small cubes.


  • 700 g cottage cheese;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 100 ml cold water;
  • 250 g sugar;
  • 350 g margarine;
  • 6 g ripper.

Filling composition


  • 500 g cottage cheese;
  • 250 g jam;
  • 2 tbsp. l. Sahara;
  • egg;
  • protein.

Cooking method

1. Keep the margarine in a warm place for two hours so that it softens. Add sugar and beat with a mixer for about five minutes.

2. Add one egg first, beat, add the second egg.

3. Gradually pour water into the dough, just stir.

4. Combine flour with baking powder, add to the total mass and knead gently.

5. Pinch off a quarter of the dough and put it in the refrigerator.

6. Roll out a large piece. The bottom layer needs to be made approximately 0.5 cm.

7. Carefully transfer the prepared dough into the mold.

8. Place the future pie in the oven. Bake for 7-8 minutes at 180°C.

9. Grind the cottage cheese, combine with sugar, one white and a whole egg, beat the filling.

10. Cut long strips from the previously set aside dough.

11. Remove the pan with the first cake from the oven, grease it with jam, carefully pour the cottage cheese on top and place strips of the remaining dough on it.

12. Put the pie back in to bake. Bring until fully cooked; the top strips of dough should be browned.

The finished cake cannot be immediately removed from the mold; you need to wait at least 40 minutes. Only then transfer to a flat dish. You need to cut it after it has cooled completely, by this time the filling will have become stronger, the pieces will be smooth and neat.

Of course, you can treat your friends to tea with cake or pastries bought on the way home, at the nearest pastry shop or bakery - this will be an ordinary warm welcome, with a delicious dessert, observing all the rules of etiquette and the laws of hospitality. If you serve tea with a pie prepared just before the guests arrive, then the warm welcome will be remembered for a long time, along with the taste of a freshly baked pie. The aroma of homemade pies, perceptible even outside the front door, will tell guests how much the owners value them and how diligently they prepare for their arrival. Even if the pie turns out to be the simplest, the tea party will be soulful and unforgettable.

What can you bake with jam?

Sweet pastries with jam - recipes that are easy to implement at home. You can use any dough that does a good job of holding a loose filling, but you need thick jam, which can be used with pieces of fruit.

  1. Butter yeast recipes with jam are a version of home baking that housewives are more willing to prepare. These can be fluffy pies, bagels, filled buns or cheesecakes.
  2. Open pies, envelopes, croissants or simple puff pastries are baked from puff pastry; unleavened or yeast dough is used.
  3. A simple pie with jam or quick cookies are baked from shortcrust pastry, or a cake is prepared that many sweet tooths remember from Soviet times.
  4. Soft rolls are prepared from biscuit dough with a layer that can be supplemented with butter, nuts or dried fruits.

You will get a tasty and soft sponge roll with jam if you use this recipe. The advantage of this type of baking is the ease of production and a minimal set of products. For filling, it is better to choose a thick, homogeneous jam; if you don’t have one, you can beat it with a blender and add butter.


  • eggs – 4 pcs.;
  • sugar – 200 g;
  • flour – 150 g;
  • butter – 1 tsp;
  • jam – ½ tbsp.


  1. Beat the yolks with half the sugar until white.
  2. Beat the whites with the remaining sugar until stiff peaks form.
  3. Carefully combine both masses.
  4. Add flour.
  5. Pour the dough onto greased parchment, smooth it out, bake for 20 minutes at 200.
  6. Grease the hot cake with jam, roll it up and cool.

Open baked goods with jam are prepared from different doughs, it can be a yeast pie or shortbread, the main thing is to choose a tasty filling. You can take jam that is not too thick, with pieces of fruit, and decorate the product with strips of dough or cut out figures with a special die, distributing the blanks on the surface.


  • milk – 400 ml;
  • sugar – 1 tbsp;
  • yeast – 25 g;
  • eggs – 3 pcs.;
  • soft butter – 50 g;
  • flour – 400-500 g;
  • jam – 1 tbsp;
  • yolk – 1 pc.


  1. Combine 1 tbsp. milk with 1 tbsp. l. sugar and yeast, leave for 15 minutes to react.
  2. Separately combine all the ingredients for the dough, add the dough, add flour and knead into a non-sticky dough.
  3. Leave to proof for 1 hour.
  4. Knead the dough, divide into 2 unequal parts.
  5. Distribute most of it in a greased form, spread out the filling.
  6. Decorate with the remaining dough and bake the pie with jam in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 190.

This type of baking works best with, it is dense, does not spread during baking and is very aromatic. A sprinkle of a mixture of sugar and cinnamon would be an appropriate addition, and the jam itself can be uneven, with small pieces. The dough is prepared quickly, without dough and from simple ingredients.


  • dry yeast – 1 sachet;
  • sugar – ½ tbsp.;
  • eggs – 2 pcs.;
  • butter – 100 g;
  • flour – 400-500 g;
  • kefir – 300 ml;
  • jam – 2/3 cup;
  • yolk – 1 pc.;
  • sugar + cinnamon – for sprinkling.


  1. Pour a spoonful of sugar and yeast into warm kefir and wait for the reaction.
  2. Separately, beat eggs, sugar and butter, add to kefir mixture.
  3. Add flour, knead into a non-sticky dough, cover with a towel, leave for 1 hour, the mass will double.
  4. Knead the dough, divide, roll out and cut into triangles.
  5. Place a spoonful of jam on most of the workpiece and roll it up.
  6. Leave to proof for 15 minutes, brush with yolk, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar mixture.
  7. Baking with apple jam is prepared in the oven for 30 minutes at 180.

In order for buns with jam from yeast dough to turn out fluffy, it is better to approach the matter with all responsibility, make it with a large amount of baking and with dough. Such products do not go stale for a long time and will not lose their splendor even after several days of storage. Any jam will do, preferably homogeneous; sugar, sesame, and poppy seeds are used for sprinkling.


  • milk – 1 tbsp.;
  • fresh yeast – 50 g;
  • sugar – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • milk – 300 ml;
  • sugar – 100 g;
  • eggs – 4 pcs.;
  • soft butter – 100 g;
  • flour – 600-800 g;
  • jam – 200 g;
  • yolk – 2 pcs.;
  • any sprinkle.


  1. Dissolve yeast and a spoonful of sugar in warm milk, wait for the reaction in a warm place.
  2. Separately, combine eggs with butter, sugar and milk, add the dough.
  3. Add flour and knead soft dough.
  4. Leave the base warm and let it rise three times, kneading each time.
  5. Divide the dough into equal lumps, roll it out, spread the jam, and roll it up.
  6. Roll each roll into a ball, place on an oiled baking sheet, and leave for 20 minutes.
  7. Grease with yolk, sprinkle, bake for 30 minutes at 180.

Baking with puff pastry jam is the best way to please your family at breakfast. A simple and quick recipe can be completed in just half an hour; you will need two ingredients, and imagination will add originality to the products when decorating the delicacy. It is better to choose thick, homogeneous jam; berry jam is ideal; it has a bright flavor and well balances the bland taste of the dough.


  • puff pastry – 1 kg;
  • strawberry jam – 1 tbsp.


  1. Roll out the dough, cut into rectangles 15:10.
  2. Make mesh-shaped cuts on one half and place jam on the other half.
  3. Cover with the cut portion on top, sealing the edges well.
  4. Bake for 25 minutes at 190.

Simple and quick baking with any jam will brighten up a boring tea party and delight your sweet tooth with its original appearance. Small cookies “to taste” are prepared from ordinary shortcrust pastry, and as a filling it is better to choose thick, homogeneous jam. It will take no more than half an hour to prepare the sweets, taking into account the time to prepare the base.


  • butter – 150 g;
  • sugar – 4 tbsp. l.;
  • vanillin, baking powder;
  • eggs – 2 pcs.;
  • flour – 250 g;
  • jam.


  1. Beat butter with sugar, vanilla and eggs.
  2. Add flour with baking powder.
  3. Knead into a tight lump and place in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  4. Roll out a thin layer, cut into squares 5:5.
  5. Place 1/2 tsp in the center of the squares. jam, fasten two opposite corners.
  6. Bake with jam for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

- a delicacy familiar to many sweet tooths since Soviet times, when the cake was very popular. From the specified amount of ingredients you will get 6 small cakes, you will need apple jam, homogeneous, you can make it like this using a blender.


  • egg – 1 pc.;
  • flour – 550 g;
  • sugar – 200 g;
  • little creamy – 300 g;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • soda – ½ tsp;
  • vanillin;
  • apple jam.


  1. Grind the butter with sugar, beat with a mixer, add salt.
  2. Add egg, slaked soda, vanillin.
  3. Add flour, quickly knead the dough, put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  4. Divide the dough into 2 parts, roll out 10 mm thick.
  5. Bake 2 cakes for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.
  6. Cut off the dry edges of the cakes and grind into crumbs.
  7. Grease one cake layer, place it on top of the second one, also coat it with jam, sprinkle with crumbs, cut into rectangles.

To bake a sponge cake with jam, you will need skills in preparing such a dough; you need to take into account important points when whipping the ingredients, because traditionally the base is prepared without fermented milk components and without baking powder; if you are not sure of a good result, it is better to add soda. The jam in this version is currant jam; you can use another thick jam with pieces of fruit or berries.


  • sugar -150 g;
  • flour – 250 g;
  • baking powder;
  • eggs – 3 pcs.;
  • thick currant jam.


  1. Beat the eggs with sugar into a fluffy foam.
  2. Add flour with baking powder.
  3. Pour the dough into the mold, spoon the jam on top.
  4. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 180.

It is better to prepare tasty ones with jam from a yeast base, so the products will come out fluffy and crumbly. It is not recommended to roll out the workpiece too thin to make the treat more luxuriant. If desired, you can sprinkle the surface with cinnamon sugar or simply brush it with yolk for a glossy golden surface.

Hello! We're always looking at delicious baking recipes. There were recipes that did not require special knowledge of cooking. And there were also recipes containing nuances, without the knowledge of which our baked goods would not have turned out. Today I offer recipes for baking with sweet jam.

This pastry is very easy to prepare, and the taste captivates with its brightness and reminds you of childhood, of how your grandmother baked her pies with jam. There are a variety of recipes for preparing this type of delicacy, ranging from jam pies to bagels.

Pie with apple jam - basic technological principles

There is hardly a more numerous range of baked goods than pies. They can be open and closed, large and small, for holidays and everyday life, with simple and complex fillings, from different types of dough. The good thing about homemade baking is that it does not require strict adherence to a strict recipe.

A delicious pie can be baked even half an hour before guests arrive, if you have some apple jam, eggs, sugar, a little butter, and, of course, flour in the house. You can make a dough from just flour and water, adding a little cinnamon and sugar. For homemade jam pie, the main thing is creative initiative and the availability of a minimum amount of fresh ingredients.

Below are recipes for baking from various types of dough, about the cooking technology, which can be written in a whole book and cannot be described in one short article. But, if you cook it once, with your own hands, then no advice will be needed. The best teacher is your own experience.

Read recipes, choose, improve and change them to your taste. If you like any idea, write it down in your culinary notebook.

Pie with apple jam - tricks and useful tips

A good result in preparing the dough depends on the consistency of the butter. For yeast dough, the butter should be soft and at room temperature. For puff pastry and shortcrust pastry, the butter must be chilled and firm.

To save time on making the pie, use frozen ready-made dough.

Boil thick jam for an open pie with a little water.

To grind nuts in a blender, add a little sugar so that it absorbs the nut butter. Then the nuts will not stick to the bowl.

To prevent the jam from spreading over the surface of the dough when baking, sprinkle a thin layer of cookie crumbs underneath it.

If a hot pie is removed from the oven and immediately covered with a cotton towel, the crispy crust will become soft and the pie will not crumble when slicing.

When the summer is fruitful for berries and fruits, every housewife certainly makes preparations for the winter in the form of jam, preserves and marmalade. These aromatic and delicious homemade sweets are served with tea. But jam is suitable as an amazing filling for homemade baked goods. Due to its dense consistency, it is most convenient to use for baking. Our grandmothers baked delicious pies and buns with jam. Of course, products made from yeast dough can be purchased at your nearest cafe or store. But food prepared with your own hands, and with love, always tastes better. Our recipes with jam are suitable for both holiday treats and daily tea drinking.

Pie with jam

To please your loved ones with sweet pastries, you can make a pie with jam. It's very easy to prepare. To prepare you will need the following ingredients:

  • milk - 1 glass
  • eggs – 2 pcs.
  • yeast - 50 g
  • butter - 100 g
  • flour - 1.5 cups
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • apple (or any other) jam - 300 g

Yeast must be diluted in warm milk. Then add sugar and stir until it dissolves. Sift the flour before kneading - this will enrich it with oxygen, and the dough will be tender and airy. Then add sifted flour, beaten eggs, softened butter to the dough one by one and knead the dough. After kneading, cover the dough with a towel and wait for it to rise. When the dough increases in size, divide it into 2 parts (about 2/3 and 1/3). From the larger part we roll out a sheet 1 cm thick - this will be the base of the pie. The dimensions of the base should be slightly larger than the diameter of the baking dish.

In a mold greased with butter, carefully place the dough, and on top - jam in a 1 cm layer. From the remaining part of the dough you can make flagella, leaves, twigs - after all, baked goods should not only be tasty, but also have an appetizing appearance. Leave the formed and decorated dough with jam to rise. After 20-30 minutes, put the pie in the oven and bake it for 10 minutes at 200 degrees until browned. Then reduce the temperature to 160 degrees and bake the pie until done for another 30 minutes. While the finished pie is still hot, grease the top with butter. Let the pie cool slightly (so that the jam does not spread). Before serving, cut into pieces.

Pies with jam

Pies are a wonderful treat; we have known their taste since childhood. The recipe for pies with jam can be learned from our grandmothers and mothers. To make pies, use yeast, butter or puff pastry. For yeast dough we will need:

  • flour - 3 cups
  • milk - 0.5 l
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • yeast - 30 g
  • salt - 0.5 tsp

Heat the milk. Dissolve yeast, sugar and a pinch of salt in it. Then add flour and knead the dough. We put it in a warm place and wait for it to come up. After about an hour, knead again. After another 15-20 minutes, put the dough on the table, form a rope out of it and cut it into equal parts. Roll each part into a small flat cake and add a little jam. Then the edges of the dough need to be carefully molded and formed into a pie. They can be fried in a pan or baked in the oven. Oven-baked pies are definitely healthier. There is no need to place the pies tightly on the baking sheet, otherwise they will stick together. Bake them in a well-heated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Readiness is determined by the color of the crust, appetizing appearance and aroma. The finished pies with jam are brushed with egg white on top.

Buns with jam

Everyone loves fragrant and tender buns. To prepare them we will take:

  • flour - 3 cups
  • milk - 0.5 l
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • butter - 200 g
  • yeast - 30 g
  • egg – 1 pc.
  • salt - 0.5 tsp
  • baking powder
  • jam

We prepare the dough for buns with jam according to the standard procedure. Divide the finished dough into portions and roll into small cakes. Place 1 teaspoon of jam in the center of the cake and pinch the edges of the bun. The buns are baked in the oven at 180 degrees until golden brown. The finished baked goods are sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Cheesecakes with jam

If you have unexpected guests, whip up some cheesecakes with jam. To prepare them you will need:

  • flour - 2.5 cups
  • sour cream - 3 tbsp. spoons
  • butter - 150 g
  • eggs – 2 pcs.
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. spoons
  • salt - 1 teaspoon
  • jam

Cream butter and sugar. Add flour, 2 eggs, sour cream, salt and knead the dough. We form cheesecakes and place them on a baking sheet. We make a small depression in each cheesecake and fill it with jam. Grease the edges of the cheesecake with yolk and place in the oven for 30 minutes.

Bagels with jam

Bagels with jam can be made from yeast, puff pastry, shortbread, and curd dough. Bagels can be of different sizes and shapes. Yeast dough will produce soft and fluffy bagels, cottage cheese dough will produce tender bagels, shortbread dough will produce crumbly bagels, and puff pastry dough will produce crispy bagels.

You can buy puff pastry at the store or make it yourself using this recipe:

  • flour - 500 g
  • margarine - 400 g
  • dry wine - 250 ml

Place margarine into the sifted flour and grind. Then pour wine into this mass and mix thoroughly. Leave the dough for 12 hours in a cool place. Before preparing the bagels, you need to knead it again. Then divide into several parts and roll into round cakes. Divide the flatbreads into equal segments. Place jam in the center of each sector and roll from the wide part to the narrow part. To give the resulting tubes the classic shape of bagels, you need to slightly bring the ends together. And then we put them in the oven. As a rule, puff pastry with jam is baked for 15 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. Using our recipes, you can prepare delicious and aromatic pastries with jam for your family dinner every day. Enjoy your tea!

Butter pies with jam

Everyone knows: the most delicious pies with jam are made from butter dough. I found a common language with yeast dough quite recently and, having gotten my hands on making a unleavened version suitable for savory fillings, I finally dared to take on baked goods. In fact, the principles and secrets of kneading any yeast dough are the same - high-quality products and compliance with proportions. After all, if you simply overdo it with flour, the baked goods will turn out dense and heavy. Today I will tell you and show you how to make amazingly tender, fluffy and simply amazingly delicious pies with jam in the oven. A step-by-step recipe with photos will help you understand all the intricacies of kneading rich yeast dough, having mastered the preparation of which, you will be able to bake not only pies with sweet filling, but all kinds of buns, bagels and buns.


  • milk 2.5% – 250 ml,
  • yeast – 0.5 sachet,
  • sugar – 1 tbsp. l.,
  • 1 egg + 2 yolks,
  • vanilla sugar – sachet (30 g),
  • butter or margarine for baking – 100 g,
  • salt – 0.5 tsp,
  • flour – 560 g (3.5 tbsp. 250 ml).

For filling:

  • 600 g of any thick jam, I used apple jam.
  • + 1 egg – for brushing the pies before baking.

How to make pies with jam on butter dough

Our filling is already completely ready, therefore, we just need to prepare the dough. Take lukewarm milk, pour it (the whole glass at once) into a bowl and pour dry yeast into it.

After the yeast, add sugar to the dough. I take just a spoon - this is just enough to get the yeast to work, and the rest of the sweetness of the dough will be given by vanilla sugar and jam in the filling.

Shake the milk until the yeast and sugar dissolve, then add a glass of sifted flour.

Mix everything thoroughly, completely getting rid of lumps. And as soon as the mixture reaches the desired consistency, cover it with a towel (or cling film) and place the bowl closer to the heat for 15-20 minutes. Milk dough (and dough) rises a little worse than water dough, which, however, in no way affects the finished pies - in the oven when baking, they, as they say, take their toll and work to the fullest. Therefore, do not be disturbed by the fact that the dough has only increased by 1.5 times.

Next, we separate the two eggs into yolks and whites - the first ones will go into the dough, and we don’t need the whites here at all, so they can be removed right away.

Add the yolks and egg to the dough.

Then add vanilla sugar. If you don’t have it, you can replace it with regular vanilla (half a bag) and granulated sugar (1-2 tbsp.). Or you can not add vanillin at all, because it is just a flavoring.

Now melt the drain. oil, check its temperature (it should be slightly warm) and, if everything is fine, add it to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Stir everything until smooth and add salt.

Stir the dough again and gradually introduce flour into it: add a glass and stir, then add another glass and stir again, etc., until all the flour is gone.

The finished dough will turn out very soft, it will even seem like it doesn’t have enough flour, but you don’t need to add more yet! It should be like this - soft and a little sticky, and it will stick only to your hands, not to the work surface. Another important point: don’t be afraid to knead the dough thoroughly (without adding flour!). Believe me, this will only benefit him. The better you wash it, the softer and more airy your pies will be.

Cover the kneaded dough again and put it in a warm place to rise. This is how much it has grown for me.

Now the dough is ready for making pies. We pinch off or cut off a small lump of dough, knead it, lightly dust the work area with flour, and roll it into a flat cake. Place about a tablespoon of jam in the center (it all depends on the size of your cake) and close the pie. Pinch the dough well! In the oven, the dough will begin to expand and the seam may burst.

Place the formed pies on a greased or parchment-lined baking sheet and let them rest for 5-10 minutes. stand and brush with beaten egg.

Bake the pies in a preheated oven at 160-180 degrees.

I made 14 small pies.


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